Monday, November 23, 2009

20091123@2319 - Instapundit Comments

20091123@2246 - That Sound You Just Heard...Was My Head Exploding

20091123@2106 - Did White House overlook mayor's 'sexual misconduct'?

Tip of the fedora: Stacy McCain

20091123@2104 - IG-Gate Update: Sex Scandal, ‘Hush Money’ and the Firing of Gerald Walpin

20091123@2031 - IG-Gate: 'Hush Money' Charge in Sacramento Mayor's Sex Scandal Was Part of Probe

For background see:

20091123@1530 - Obama WH scrambled for story to smear Walpin

Ed Morrissey:

20091123@1146 - IG-Gate: White House Walpin Spin Game; Updated: Sex Scandal + Hush Money = Not News?

20091123@1135 - Hope! Change! Cover Ups! The Chicago Way!

20091123@1123 - Transparency Sinks to a New Low in the Walpin Case

20091123@0001 - New documents: White House scrambled to justify AmeriCorps firing after the fact