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20090101@0301 - Letter from Treasury Deptartment IG to Rep. Darrell Issa

20090101@0300 - Letter from DOJ IG Glenn Fine to Rep. Lamar Smith

20090101@0200 - Semi-Annual Report of OG of ITC [April 2009]

United States International Trade Commission

Cover letter to the Semi-Annual Report of the Inspector General for the ITC

April 2009 Semi-Annual Report of the Office of the Inspector General

20090101@0114 - DOCUMENT - Joint Staff Report - The Firing of the Inspector General for the CNCS

20090101@0113 - PRESS RELEASE: Grassley comment on report on the firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Walpin

20090101@0112 - Letter from W.H. Counsel Craig to Senator Grassley on the Removal of IG Walpin [20090611]

20090101@0111 - Letter of Barack Obama to Senate President Biden Notifying of Removal of IG Walpin [20090611]

20090101@0110 - Letter of Barack Obama to Speaker Pelosi Notifying of Removal of IG Walpin [20090611]

20090101@0103 - Response of IG Walpin to US Attorney Brown's Complaint

20090101@0102 - Complaint of US Attorney Lawrence Brown Against IG Gerald Walpin [20090429]


Press Release:

Special Report in PDF Below:
Special Report To Congress From The Office Of Inspector General Of The Corporation For National And Community Service

Corporation Letter

OIG Letter To Congress

Corporation Letter to Congress

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

20090101@0100 - Settlement Between St. Hope Academy, Kevin Johnson, and U.S. Attorney [PDF]

20090101@0031 - DOCUMENTS - Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Treasury

From the Judicial Watch site:
'On October 13, 2008, the Treasury Department hosted a meeting of the CEOs of nine major banks to coerce them into accepting the U.S. government's $250 billion equity stake. Following a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Treasury Department replied that it had no relevant documents. When a FOIA lawsuit was filed, the Treasury was forced to produce documents which showed that the banks were forced to accept government funds.'

Litigation Documents
Plaintiff's Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief - January 26, 2009

Documents Uncovered
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Press Releases
Judicial Watch Forces Release of Bank Bailout Documents - May 13, 2009


20090101@0030 - Audio Interviews Conducted by Eric Hogue Related to IG-Gate/Americorps/Sacramento

This link takes you to the Hogue News Audio Archive page:

Look for the following interviews [Mr. Hogue does not provide links to the individual audio files, so you have to visit the page above]...

-June 19, 2009 – Mayor Kevin Johnson Interview – Segment One (St. Hope emails, 2nd investigation and the AmeriCorps $850,000)

-June 19, 2009 – Mayor Kevin Johnson Interview – Segment Two (Inspector General Gerald Walpin’s account versus Mayor Johnson’s)

-June 19, 2009 – Mayor Kevin Johnson Interview -Segment Three (IG Walpin was politically motived, Obama needed to remove him)

-June 27, 2009 – Kurt Bardella, Press Secretary for Congressman Issa; House Oversight Committee on Ethics Interview (Walpin termination)

-July 24, 2009 – Inspector Gerald Walpin on Congresswoman Doris Matsui - Segment One

-July 24, 2009 – Inspector Gerlad Walpin on Congresswoman Doris Matsui – Segment Two

-July 24, 2009 – Mayor Kevin Johnson answers Walpin, Matsui revelations and charges

20090101@0022 - Closing Statement by Chairman Edolphus Towns before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee [20090721]

Towns: 'What we have heard today convinces me that one of the best things Congress did when it created the TARP was to also create the Special Inspector General to oversee TARP spending. I can now understand why the Treasury Department would like to rein in the SIGTARP. But we are not going to let that happen.'

20090101@0021 - Statement by Ranking Member Issa before House Oversight and Government Reform Committee [20090721][PDF]


20090101@0020 - DOCUMENTS - Statement of SIGTARP Barofsky before House Committee On Oversight And Government Reform [20090721][PDF]


20090101@0009 - Letter from Edolphus Towns & Darrell Issa to Thomas Carper Regarding Interim I.G. Greene [PDF][20090728]

20090101@0009 - PRESS RELEASE - Chairman Towns, Ranking Member Issa Call for Replacement of Amtrak’s ‘Interim’ IG [07/29/09]

20090101@0009 - Who Is Lawrence Brown?

On 06 August 2009, Benjamin Wagner was nominated to be U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California, replacing Lawrence Brown. Considering that the profile at the link above may now be taken down, I reproduce it here in full:

Acting United States Attorney Lawrence G. Brown

On January 5, 2009, Lawrence G. Brown was sworn in as the Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California after serving as the First Assistant United States Attorney since March 2003.

Headquartered in Sacramento, the Eastern District is one of four federal districts in California, extending from the Oregon border to the north, Bakersfield to the south and covering California’s central valley and the mountains to the east. Mr. Brown supervises the office’s 70 attorneys, including those in the district’s branch office in Fresno, California. The United States Attorney’s Office prosecutes individuals for various federal crimes and litigates civil defensive and affirmative cases on behalf of the United States.

Mr. Brown served as executive director of the California District Attorneys Association from 1996 to March 2003. His organization represented the 58 elected District Attorneys of California and included over 2,600 deputy prosecutor members. As executive director, Mr. Brown drafted criminal justice legislation and frequently testified before the California Legislature. Additionally, he served as chief spokesperson for the organization.

In 2001, he served as President of the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators and Board Member of the National District Attorneys Association. Mr. Brown began his career as a Deputy District Attorney with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office in Southern California. In 1993, he received that office’s “Felony Prosecutor of the Year” award. He is a 1989 graduate of the University of California, Davis, School of Law, receiving its Distinguished Alumni Award in 1999. Mr. Brown is also a Visiting Professor on Legislative Process and Statutory Interpretation at the law school.

20090101@0009 - Website of the Office of Inspector General for CNCS

20090101@0009 - DOCUMENTS - Who is SIGTARP Neil M. Barofsky? [official bio]

20090101@0008 - DOCUMENTS - Letter to the Honorable Thomas Carper re: Amtrak Inspector General; [PDF][20090629]


20090101@0008 - DOCUMENTS - Press Relase: House Oversight Committee opens investigation in Amtrak IG Office [20090629]

20090101@0007 - DOCUMENTS - 2 Letters / 1 Press Release from Sen. Grassley to Amtrak [20090625]

20090101@0007 - DOCUMENTS - 'Report on Matters Impairing the Effectiveness and Independence of the [Amtrak] Office of Inspector General' [PDF]


Prepared by law firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher

20090101@0006 - DOCUMENTS - Letter of Rep. Jeb Hensarling to Elizabeth Warren [PDF][20090619]


20090101@0005 - DOCUMENTS - Letter from Lawyers in the Southern District of New York Defending Walpin [PDF][20090623]



20090101@0004 - DOCUMENTS - 4 Documents Related to the Firing of Gerald Walpin

The 4 documents are in PDF format.

20090101@0003 - DOCUMENTS - CNCS Board Members List

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20090101@0002 - SIGTARP Quarterly Report issued 20090709


20090101@0001 - DOC - 33 documents provided to the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee

Ed O'Keefe:
The 33 documents below were provided earlier this week to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. They stretch from April 2008 to June 2009 and demonstrate the difficult working relationship between Walpin, the Corporation's bipartisan board of directors, chief executive officer, general counsel and agency staffers.

20090101@0001 - DOC - Parody Newsletter produced to mark retirement of worker @ Walpin's office -May 2008

PDF File:

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